06.08.2014New drummer: Janne Juutinen

Dreamtale announces that Janne Juutinen has officially joined the band as the new drummer. Janne is also known as the drummer of Masterstroke, another metal band from Tampere. The band has already played all this summer's festivals - South Park, Kurkifest and Lankafest - with Janne, as former drummer Petteri Rosenbom was unavailable due to his work. No drama was involved in the change and Petteri will certainly still appear as a backup drummer, should Janne break his arms or legs. The decision was purely professional. 

This weekend, on August 8th, Dreamtale will play the last show of the summer in Jalometalli Metal Music Festival, Oulu, which will be Janne's first show as "the official new guy". After that the band will focus on recording their next album, with Janne taking part in the songwriting process.

Janne has proven to be a fantastically adept drummer and a person with the required personal characteristics to be a full-time member of the psychologically demanding band known as Dreamtale. Not many people can do that. We will shortly publish some more information about Janne in the form of an interview. If the fans have any questions they'd like to be put to Janne, please send them via Facebook or email: contact[at]dreamtale.org.

Have a world-changing summer!

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